Monday, June 13, 2011

Introduction to The BPA Files

From January through June 2011, I wrote a six-part series called The BPA Files. The reason, simply put, was my thorough disgust with the avalanche of lies being disseminated on the Internet and everywhere else regarding Bisphenol-A, a chemical that had been safely in use for more than fifty years to protect cans of food and beverage against spoilage, as well as to harden and make shatterproof plastic containers.

The use of BPA protects the health of everyone using metal cans and plastic bottles.

Extensive research went into the writing of The BPA Files and I hope you will share it in whole or part with anyone being indoctrinated to abandon its use. This is occurring in a number of U.S. States and elsewhere in the world where deceptive information, ignoring more than 6,000 tests, labels BPA as a danger and seeks to have its use banned..

Try to imagine living in a world without the protection BPA provides. As this is written, there are no available substitutes.

To your health!
Alan Caruba
June 2011

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